VIP family plan


VIP family plan

Two nights / three days in the coffee regions of Buenavista and Pijao Quindío.

Price: 1.850.000COP
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Day 1:Horseback riding

An activity of immersion among the mountains. Ideal to enjoy of the day in Group and enjoy of the landscape Cultural coffee.

Duration: 3 hours.
Includes: Hydration and guidance.

Day 2:Wakecup Tour:

Tour of coffee: Wakecup tour is an experience on the coffee Colombian that is develops in the town of Pijao, where appreciate the architecture of the village and entered in context with the culture coffee.We go through primary locations for the marketing of coffee, interacting with local people who help us to feel immersed in the culture that surrounds us coffee. Finally, we are going to a coffee farm where expect us a farmer with his family. For lunch the typical food of the region with food from the farm and show all work and tradition inherent in the coffee around its people and lifestyle.

Duration: 6 to 8 hours.

Includes: Transportation, lunch, hydration, the best specialty coffee of the region.

To bring?: clothes comfortable, long pants, shoes for walking.

Day 3:Trout and trail / Trucha y Trocha

Ride on jeep or bike through the beautiful trails of Pijao to enjoy the road filled with nature and rivers to a truchera to relax and catch a delicious fresh trout which are cooked especially for those present. After lunch, you can explore the farm, enjoy hammocks, fish or play Toad. In the evening return to the village.

Duration::6 or 8 hours


Transportation, lunch, the best coffee of the región.

Lodging in: Hacienda Bambusa

​Stay in this big house built out of guagua, following a traditional style of the the coffee region.Experience the calm and natural beauty brought by the Andes Mountains, the trees, gardens and the local crops.

* The price is based on 4 members. * Prices may vary during peak season * Full price transfer (Armenia-Pijao or Buenavista-Armenia)
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