Welcome to Buenavista

  • Buenavista, just one block from heaven," describes a local poet. Truly, Buenavista takes it one step closer to the great Quindian skies. From there, you can browse the valleys of Cauca and Quindío, taking advantage of a view of the agro-cultural wealth of these lands.

    In Buenavista coffee develops a delicate acidity and rich complexities, the oranges mature until reaching enormous proportions, and the cocoa blooms in the warm climate.

    Of the approximate 2,805 inhabitants, 30% live on farms in the surroundings, making the town a calm and silent place until the weekend, when the inhabitants of the countryside arrive on foot, by bicycle or in Willys Jeeps to enjoy an ice cream, an aguardiente, beer, fresh breads and even a game of pool or tejo. We have discovered many hidden treasures of Buenavista, of which we will tell you on the way.

    Buenavista is located at an altitude of 1,483 meters and is named and known for its view as the viewpoint of Quindío; with a population of 2,805 people in the urban and rural area, being thus the smallest municipality of the department and perhaps of Colombia. Buenavista was founded in 1933 by many people from various departments of Colombia who were gradually populating this beautiful paradise. Its height and climate make it perfect for growing coffee; for this reason many coffee plantations and roasters have settled in Buenavista and its surroundings, some are famous for their special coffee production.

    Because of its location, it is a good starting point to explore the Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape, which was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011; In addition, Buenavista has numerous trails that offer excellent opportunities for hiking and mountain biking.


    Buenavista does not have ATMs or money exchange offices. To withdraw money you can go to the municipality of Pijao (see how to get to Pijao here).