Casa Rivera de Cacao

Casa Rivera de Cacao

Casa Rivera de Cacao is a jewel in the middle of Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape

Casa Rivera del Cacao is a Colombian & French venture focused on producing, through the tree bar scheme, one of the best Colombian chocolate bars of the world from Quindío origin.

The project was promoted by the renowned French Chocolatier Thierry Mulhaupt from Estrasburgo (

His idea is to produce organic cacao fino de aroma in his own crop, which allows him to have full traceability of the fruit, from the selection process to the varieties, all the way to final processes of fermentation and drying. This way he is looking to find a maximum quality point on the raw material and later at the final product.

The house has eight varieties of Colombian cacao, five of them have been recognized as Cocoa Of Excellence at the Salon du Chocolat de París (Arauquita, Tame, Saravena, Lebrija, San Vicente de Chucurí), that is the equivalent as been recognized as the best from the world. We also have local varieties from the coffee axis: Santágueda (trinitarian fine flavor), Río Verde (Creole Porcelain) and Monsalve (origin Cacao from Quindío that at some point was in danger of extinction due the coffee production but has been recovered for the Quindío state)

The farm, which is part of the Colombian Coffee Cultural Landscape route, is also a hotel that has 10 rooms of three types: Suite, Junior, and standard (all of them equipped with a private bathroom). A restaurant (that has an oven with charcoal wood in which we make the best national dishes), French confectionery with colombian fruits, wine cellar, aguardiente & rum, pool with Jacuzzi, river shore, an orchid nursery and a Spa that counts with therapies made out of Cacao, Coffee, Bambu, River Stones & Watsu (all available within the hacienda) and a path that goes around the cacao crops.

Pijao, Quindío, Colombia
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