Hotel San Telmo

Hotel San Telmo

Close to the Minor Basilica of the Lord of Miracles of Buga, a pleasant space with 16 rooms with private bathroom & a specialty coffee shop.

San Telmo was a Spanish saint of the 22nd century who was entrusted to the Spanish sailors for the conquest of America. In the chronicles of Hernando Colón, the son of Cristobal tells the following:

“The same Saturday night the fire of San Telmo was seen, with seven candles lit, on top of the topsail. With lots of rain and terrifying thunder. I mean that you could see the lights that the sailors claim to be the body of San Telmo, and they sing many litanies and prayers to him, knowing that in storms where he appears, nothing can be in danger." Hernando Colón, Second voyage of Colón.

Pope Francis was a bishop in the San Telmo neighborhood in Buenos Aires-Arg, the same super-tourist neighborhood where the inspiration began and in an agenda Coffee Experience began to be written in 2013.

This house consist of 16 rooms, each with an independent bathroom, and have a specialty coffee shop to serve guests and customers from the street, which is called the Coffee Experience. 

The house is decorated with photos of Valle del Cauca that portray its wonders. The service is close and pleasant with trained personnel to sell the activities of the Coffee Experience in the area.

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lodging luxury in the coffee region Buenavista Quindío

Stay in this big house built out of guadua, following a traditional style of the the coffee region.

Armenia, Quindío, Colombia

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