Wakecup Tour: Coffee tour

Wakecup Tour: Coffee tour

An experience that invites travellers and coffee producers to exchange their knowledge about coffee.

During the day we will visit a traditional coffee farm where we will be able to witness the entire coffee process, how it starts off as seeds and ends up in your cup. We will have a colombian lunch at the farm and then we will return to Pijao, where we will visit key places within the coffee distribution and consumption chain. We will visit El Patio, where we will learn about medicinal plants that are used all around the world as we enjoy a natural infusion for our wellness. We will walk around town, meet picturesque characters and we’ll finish off with coffee tasting, sampling different delicious types of coffees from the region. This experience will unravel a whole new perspective of coffee for you to see, no matter your previous knowledge on the subject.

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Pijao, Quindío, Colombia

10am to 5pm/ 7 hours.

It includes: 
  • Bilingual guides.
  • 4x4 Panoramic experience (in Jeep).
  • Typical Colombian lunch of the coffee region.
  • Coffee tasting.
Not Included: 
  • Transportation to and from Buenavista or Pijao.
  • Contact us for information about private transportation.
What to bring?: 
  • Comfortable walking shoes, insect repellent, sun block.
  • In the tour you have the possibility to buy amazing coffees directly from the producer, CASH ONLY!
Upcoming tours: 

Joining a group of maximum 10 people

150000 COP per person

Private experience

250000 COP per person

Book with 20% downpayment: 
Payment by credit and debit card: 

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Wakecup Tour by Experiencia Cafetera

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