Social Work

We believe that conscious tourism has a positive impact on the environment and on the communities around us; we work so that the youth stays in the country, so that the most valued traditions of our culture can be preserved. we look after this territory as if it was our own.

Our commitment to the childhood and the country in Colombia

We work for Pijao’s children, thinking about tomorrow’s youth of the country. With the economic help of the Lotus Children Icf, Kingsley foundation we created a program where we improve the conditions of some of the rural schools, we promote the sowing of foods in vegetable plots inside the schools to guarantee the permanent supply of produce for the children.

Commitment with Pijao’s public space

In our Jardines de Pijao tour, each person has the honor to donate one plant to the gardens of the municipality.

Our commitment to the country and childhood of Pijao

Thanks to the support of the Foundation Lotus Children lcf, @Kingsleyfoundation and Coffee Experience, these children sleep in new and comfortable mattresses, wrapped with new and good blankets, a roof without leaks and a new smile and absolute gratitude.