5 reasons to get to know the coffee culture

5 reasons to get to know the coffee culture

When traveling there is a topic that is better not to forget, because surely you will leave incomplete from the place: Culture.

A place has been shaped by its people, its traditions, and its stories; therefore, when living experiences with the local people of a place, you will discover the reason of its landscapes, its food and other things, outstanding for your trips.

The culture of this fascinating drink is created by very interesting elements that every traveler should have within their map.  Here we tell you five (5) reasons to know the coffee culture.


A sea of green tones that harmonize perfectly with the colors of the sky; the white of the clouds at dawn, the blue of the afternoon and the sun that paints of orange and pink tones the sunset. This is the famous "Coffee Cultural Landscape" where the traditional Willys roll on steep trails;  You can venture to walk among coffee plantations and then go into native forests and streams of pure water that bathe this great green sea.  And if this doesn't tickle your fancy, you can simply contemplate the wonderful landscapes from a viewpoint; of course, with a cup of coffee in your hands.

Live from those beautiful and natural landscapes, very significant for your photo gallery.

Photography in Buenavista Quindío. Taken by Felipe Mosquera for Panorama Café Hostel

Sunset photography in Quindío. Taken by @laumariposa


The coffee belt moves through the countryside, the large smoke and noise industries have not reached there. You live the true coffee culture in small and quiet villages; the days are caressed by the sound of the birds, since there are no highways with noises that scare them away.  According to Proaves, Colombia is the country with the greatest diversity of birds in the world.  Here is the reason why these little animals will be responsible for lulling your rest in the land of coffee.

Photograph of Coffee Farm in Buenavista Quindío. Taken by @laumariposa

Photograph Taken by Juan David Agudelo for Experiencia Cafetera®

The People

The coffee people were raised among large neighboring families who supported each other in an environment of abundance of food where love is provided with a coffee, aguapanela with bread, a plentiful lunch, or any plate of food. Open-minded people, who admire and welcome with hospitality foreigners. They are people who do not have material luxuries, but do enjoy quality of life, pure air, abundance of food; a "blessed land" as they say, and that they like to share with their visitors. Without a doubt, let yourself be attended.

Photography Taken by @laumariposa in the viewpoint of Buenavista Quindío

Photograph taken in Pijao Q. by @Laumariposa for Experiencia Cafetera®

Warmth and peace

Small populations that become a large family; in the villages everyone knows and cares for each other. Violence left this territory several years ago, and streets of peace were born, with children playing, neighbors smiling and warm families living quiet, safe and happy.

Photograph of the main park of Córdoba Quindio. Taken by @laumariposa

You will value more the peasant

Definitely, when you know the coffee culture with the real protagonists, your perception will not be the same again. You will believe in them, you will value their culture and their work. Attentive to what the peasant has to tell you.

Photograph taken at Villa Gloria, Pijao Q. by Juan David Agudelo for Experiencia Cafetera®

Photograph taken at Villa Gloria de farm, by Juan David Agudelo for  Experiencia Cafetera ®

We invite you to live a genuine coffee experience. Without prepared shows, nor a script that always repeats itself.  Only with the real people, the one that inhabits and builds each territory. Forging their wonderful coffee culture.  The coffee and the trip combine very well, so the mountain range awaits you!

Written by: LaurAcostaJ