5 Reasons why you should get to know the nature in Quindío.

Rio Quindio - Cocora Salento

Quindío is a very diverse territory, being the smallest department in Colombia, it holds 10% of the country's biodiversity (Cartilla Somos la Voz de la Tierra). Its location in the central mountain range makes it a privileged place that holds many different ecosystems like paramos, high andean forests, glades, and guadua forests that make up for a great climate to travel.

In Quindío, apart from living a coffee experience in between its mountains you can also experience its nature in depth by hiking. That's why we want to tell you many reasons to encourage you to discover Quindío's natural wonders.


The municipalities of the mountain range like Salento, Pijao and Buenavista have springs in their highest mountains where they source their water. It's possible to hike to these places, going through forests where natural waterfalls can be found. The direct contact with fresh water born from the mountains is a very pleasant and relaxing experience that will surely energize you.

Buenavista - Ph: @Laumariposa

Río Lejos Pijao - Ph: @Laumariposa

There aren't any factories

Quindío's economy revolves mainly around agriculture and tourism. Here you will not find big factories that produce greenhouse gas emissions or noise like in the cities. This coffee region is ideal for travelers that are seeking calm rest. Inside these mountains you will find an incredible landscape that will make you understand this region's magic from within.

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Colombia is the number one place when it comes to bird species and orchids. From 1909 species of identified birds you can spot 642 in this tiny region according to La Crónica del Quindío. This includes the municipalities of Salento and Pijao in the Central Andes birdwatching route, in which you can spot species like Woodpeckers, Tángaras, Mirlas, Turpiales, Parrots, Hummingbirds, Tucans, etc. Get your binoculars and camera ready and contemplate these beautiful and colorful singers of the coffee region.

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Genuine contact with nature

The hiking routes in Salento, Pijao and Buenavista don't have cement structures, you simply walk on grass. This allows you to discover natural trails, birds, wild animals, growing native vegetation, smalls springs, trees that provide shade and fresh air. With the company of a local you can submerge in a genuine landscape, ideal to discover flowers, animals and even a coffee culture that this region offers.

Reserva Natural Acaime - Cocora Salento ph: de @Laumariposa


Colombia is the second country with the most butterfly species. When walking inside a forest many varieties of butterflies can be spotted naturally. Nevertheless, if you want a technical insight into this topic, you can visit the botanical garden of Quindío (Jardín Botánico del Quindío), where a professional guide will teach you everything you need to know about these colorful invertebrates.

Walking through the Natural Reserve of Acaime. Cocora, Salento. Photo by: @Laumariposa

Mariposario - Quindío's botanical garden. Photo by: @Laumariposa

We invite you to live a nature experience and to go beyond this region's coffee landscape, a trip that will inspire you and your following journeys, an opportunity to learn more about this region's biosphere.