The First 5 years

5 years ago this adventure began. It started with some notes on an agenda in the city of Buenos Aires, in 2013. Then, these notes in a business plan in 2014.

This idea, which was made of paper, turned a coffee aroma as it entered Buenavista's coffee plantations... Those notes became projects.

A business plan, which was written at a time when the word peace predicted new times. This project went through several desks of banks and offices, unnoticed. In August 2014 it was consolidated into a public document, it was going to be called "Experiencia Buenavista" but a bureaucratic accident gave it a name beyond ... as if everything was configured: Experiencia Cafetera.

Experiencia Cafetera woke up in Juan David, our founder, as a mandate of his generation to build a bridge between countryside and city, between farmers and consumers of a noble and identity-filled product: coffee.

Along the way, Juan found Adriana, Hannah, Julia and Luis Gabriel, essential advisors and great minds that landed the idea. Then Hugo, Valen, Nataly, Dany, Laura and Marta contributed the strength (berraquera) and sensitivity of the young farmers. Then little by little (at first very slowly) our clients appeared: a whole #coffeeandtravel community ... Chinese, German, Indian, people on vacation or unemployed, with a good budget some and others with not too much ... all with something in common with our team: that simple appreciation towards coffee and that encouragement to go beyond.

Coffee places us at the same table, and our experiences have built a channel of empathy. This has become a laboratory of knowledge transmission that has promoted in a local economy of independent coffee brands whose owners are coffee grower families... They have been joined by a network of capable people: drivers, baristas, chefs who offer complementary services to our experiences always with a smile ... not to mention the people and companies of the coffee industry who heeded the call and provided the best of their services to give the final touch so that businesses could be consolidated on a larger scale.

The most unexpected thing has been the support of leading companies in the market, Nahbú, Organizations like Procolombia, International media such as CNN, Independent journalists such as Chris Bell, Important bloggers like Renunciamos y Viajamos and ... We provide for the 5 years! We toast for years to come, team friends to come, allies and customers!.