Tejo, the national sport of Colombia

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The legend says that more than 500 years ago the Muiscas, indigenous inhabitants of the Cundiboyacence antiplane launched a plate made of gold similar to the sun, its route was a scale imitation of the sun travel from mountain range to mountain range.

We do not know exactly the true history of the Tejo, we could create stories with the Muiscas and their cacique Turmequé, we could see them drinking chicha (drink based on corn fermentation) and have fun with this game that years later would take the name of the municipality that gave it life: Turmequé.

The tejo, also called Turmequé is the national sport of Colombia, from the time of indigenous people until today, Tejo has reached every corner of popular neighborhoods and towns throughout Colombia. Peasants, workers, young university students; the game is for everyone. The tejo is a sport to share with a petaco (box with 30-36 bottles of beer in it), here is a Colombian celebration, bursts, whistling and popular music harmonize the clay place that smells like wick.

The game consists of throwing a metal disc, called Tejo, into a court made of materials such as guadua, clay soil and sacks.; inside that area is a metal circle or bocín on which 4 wicks are placed (small envelopes with gunpowder) which must be exploded throwing the disc at a certain distance. The score depends on what you can do:

Hand: During a game the wick did not explode, however, it has the possibility of a point the tejo that was closer to the bocín. Score 1 point.

Wick: Explosion of an envelope with gunpowder. Score: 3 points.

Embocinada: When the tejo enters the bocín, without bursting a wick. Score: 6 points.

Moñona: Embocinada with simultaneous explosion. Score 9 points.

The tejo, in the 60s, became part of the list of national sports, and in 2000 became the national sport of Colombia. It has its own hymn and an official regulation with different game modes for highly competitive sport.

Nowadays, it has crossed all borders, you can even play it virtually through an application: Tejo World TourTejo World Tour

Without a doubt, the Tejo symbolizes popular and peasant culture. If you want to live the complete Colombian experience, it should be to play Tejo in your travel plans somewhere in Colombia, we recommend you to find a local person to make the experience more genuine; for now we familiarize you with the following picture that shows the anatomy of a tejo court.

Font: Program Los Puros Criollos- El Tejo

Written by: @Laumariposa