Coffee Plan


Coffee Plan

Becaeuse coffee is experience.

2 nights / 3 days coffee region.

Price: COP $650.000
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First day: Wakecup Coffee Tour:

Tour of coffee: Wakecup tour is an experience on the Colombian coffee that develops in the town of Pijao, where we appreciate the architecture of the village and we enter in context with the coffee culture. We go through primary locations for the marketing of coffee, interacting with local people who help us to feel immersed in the culture that surrounds us. Finally, we go to a coffee farm where a farmer with his family expect us. For lunch, the typical food of the region with vegetables grown in the farm. The traditions are inherent in the coffee around its people and lifestyle.

In the Night

Enjoy a welcome evening in the cafeteria region with BBQ roast or vegetarian option. A good plan with friends, ideal for sharing and meeting other travelers.

Second day: paragliding

Discover with your partner the coffee Cultural landscape from another angle with a flight attended and certified. East includes ascent to cerro in willys by the mountains, assisted flight with implements security, regulatory safe for the practice of extreme sports, photos and video of the experience. Note: This activity can be done during the morning or in the afternoon depending on them conditions weather of the day.

Included: Guide - hydration and transportation

Duration: 2 hours.

Note: These activities can be during in the morning or in the afternoon depending on the weather conditions.

Third day: Massage standar session

What is your way to relax between your travels? A service designed especially to moisturize your skin and relax your whole body from your toes to your head, so you can experience a feeling of complete well-being that will relax and revitalize your body in the middle of the surrounding nature before continuing your travel! Benefits for your body.


  • Stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and reduces pain.
  • Through the increaded blood circulation your muscles are oxygenated and can so remove toxines and improve the functioning of your organs.
  • Moisturizes your skin and removes dead skin cells
  • Helps sleep, among others

Lodging​:  Casa Panorama Píjao:

Stay in a beautiful coffee house in the middle of the mountains of Pijao Quindío.

*Roundtrip Transportation.*prices may vary during the high season​